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HiI'm Jeanine, and I'm the proud owner and operator of Bayown's Vendor Market located in Bayonne, NJ. Growing up in this vibrant town, I had the privilege of meeting countless talented individuals who inspired me with their creativity and ingenuity. Their amazing work sparked a fire within me and fueled my passion for artistic designs and imaginative ideas.

Attending local fairs and pop-up events, I found myself captivated by the beautiful products on display. I yearned for a place where these creations could come together and inspire more people to experience the joy of crafting their own products. That's why I established City Girl Paints in 2018, a haven for my own paintings and home décor. It quickly became a platform for organizing events and paint nights, where people could gather, have a great time, and share their talents and creations with each other.

However, I soon realized that there was even more potential to tap into. The sheer talent within and around our town deserved wider recognition. I firmly believe that everyone should have the chance to appreciate the exceptional products designed and crafted by our very own neighbors. That's why, in 2023, Bayown's Vendor Market was brought to life.

Bayown's Vendor Market has evolved into a remarkable venue that goes beyond showcasing local small businesses and creators. It has become a stunning storefront, featuring a diverse range of creative products from talented vendors throughout our region. It's not just about connecting people through exciting experiences; it's also about fostering community spirit and supporting local artisans.

Come join us at Bayown's Vendor Market, where inspiration flows freely, and the magic of handmade craftsmanship thrives. Let's celebrate the remarkable talents within our community and embrace the joy of bringing our own unique visions to life.

Contact Us

Discover boundless opportunities at BayOwn's Vendor Market! We're actively seeking new, creative vendors. Have questions or want to showcase your products in our storefront? Contact us anytime. Join our vibrant community and unleash your potential today!

Phone # 201 492 3125

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