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City Girl Paints is your go-to destination for paint parties, perfect for private events and fundraisers. Unleash your creativity while enjoying a fun-filled atmosphere with their expert guidance. Additionally, City Girl Paints offers handcrafted, customized signs and home decor that add a personal touch to your living space. Let your imagination soar with City Girl Paints!

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Jeanette's Beauty Boutique

Indulge in the dazzling realm of Jeanette's Beauty Boutique, where Swarovski Crystal Bracelets crafted by Jeanette shine with unmatched brilliance. With love and meticulous attention, each bracelet sparkles in a captivating array of colors, adding a touch of glamour and allure to any ensemble. Get ready to radiate with a sparkle like never before!


Ali's Home Decor & More

Ali's Home Decor & More, your destination for Scentsy products and delightful fragrances that transform your space. Explore their collection of fragrant candles, warmers, bath products, and more, all designed to add a touch of warmth and charm to your home. Embrace the inviting scents and create a cozy atmosphere with Ali's Home Decor & More.

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British Swim School

Dive into the world of British Swim School, the premier learn-to-swim provider for all ages! With programs from 3 months old to adults, their gentle teaching methods and survival-first approach ensure safety and strength in the water. For over 40 years, their safe, fun, and effective instructional program has made them the top choice for parents and students alike.

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Deen Pop Up Shop

Deen Pop Up Shop caters to every modern girl's style essentials, fueling her confidence in wardrobe choices. Unleash individuality effortlessly – find your fashion stride with us!

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Prepare to be whisked away on a scented adventure with Heavenly Rose Scents! Handcrafted with love, their candles, melts, and room sprays not only fill your space with delightful aromas but also come with fun sayings to tickle your senses. Get ready to ignite your senses and elevate your ambiance with heavenly fragrances and playful vibes!

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Bella Bath Treats

Indulge in pure bliss with Bella Bath Treats! Dive into a world of amazing bath soaps, luxurious lotions, invigorating body scrubs, and nourishing oils. Each product is carefully crafted, using only the finest ingredients to create a pampering experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Elevate your self-care routine with Bella Bath Treats!


Creative Candies and Things

Welcome to the delicious world of Creatative Chocolate and Things! Indulge your senses with heavenly chocolates, luxurious chocolate body creams, and tantalizing chocolate oils. From delectable treats to pampering self-care, they've got your chocolate cravings covered. Get ready to embark on a scrumptious and decadent journey that will leave you craving for more!

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Threaded Needle Designs

Larissa, an avid sewing and quilting enthusiast, creates diverse quilts, wall hangings, and gifts. Specializing in the final "quilt as desired" step, she offers custom finishing with an Innova Longarm machine, along with quilt binding services. Reach out to Larissa for personalized quilt creations and bring your ideas to life.


Crazy Q Crafts is a treasure trove of handmade wonders, ranging from charming pet bandanas to delightful holiday creations. Each item is meticulously crafted with love and attention to detail, adding a touch of whimsy to your life. Explore the world of Crazy Q Crafts and discover the perfect handmade treasures for any occasion.


Serenity Candles

Serenity Manifestation Candles invites you to experience the magic of their delightful candles.  with a captivating design, each candle is crafted with love and intention to create a serene atmosphere. Illuminate your space with Serenity Manifestation Candles and let the flickering glow bring joy and tranquility to your life.

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ADT Apparel

ADT Apparel is your go-to destination for customized caps that make a statement. With a passion for creativity and quality, they offer a wide range of caps that can be personalized to your unique style. Stand out from the crowd with ADT Apparel's custom caps and express your individuality with flair.

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Blue by Abby

Blue by Abby, the ultimate destination for all things Evil Eye jewelry and accessories. Everyone should surround themselves with positive energy. Blue by Abby offers a stunning collection of Evil Eye pieces that are sure to bring good vibes to your life. From delicate and dainty to bold and beautiful, we have something to suit every taste and style. 

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